With over 30 years of service, we are your trusted transport experts.

Ronald “Ronnie” Joseph Fisher owned and operated R.J. Fisher Transport for over 30 years.  He learned to drive trucks in 1976, and began working in the modular building industry in 1989. He decided to open his own business specializing in transportation and installation of mobile and modular structures. Ron worked hard to build up his clientele, and for many years he was solely supported by positive word of mouth. 

Anyone who has worked with Ron would agree that he is professional, passionate, and invested in every job he has completed.  One of his drivers reminisced about how Ron just knows how to fit a building perfectly and how to put it in place with barely a foot to spare. He said that none of them ever worry because Ron is simply the best out there, and if anyone could make it work, it would be him.

Ron loves that his company is a family owned business. He has employed nearly all of his children over the span of his ownership.  He has an unparalleled work ethic, which he has instilled in all his children. His daughter, Shelby, is currently running the company and his son, Ryan, is currently working for the family business. Both are happy to say it is thriving.  Being a family man has been pivotal to his success, as he approaches every job as an opportunity to better life for his family.  He genuinely cares for people, and it is obvious, as he pours all his energy and focus into each and every contract he gains. 

When asked about why he chose to hire family, his answer was a lot like him: full of humour and humility. He said, “just because I gotta give the bums a job. I expect that my family will have the same values and work ethic as I do and expect for my company.” Just as a tip: don’t hang around Ronnie for too long without expecting a bunch of classic Dad jokes to come your way. You won’t be disappointed. Every employee Ron has hired he has welcomed into the R.J. Fisher family with open arms.  He treats his employees like family, and shares in their triumphs and losses. 

He appreciates the support of his community and his repeat clients.  Never taking any of it for granted, one word that describes him so well is “humble”. That is part of why this company has been so successful, and will continue to grow.  Ron and his family thank you for your interest, and support.  We can’t wait to get working on whatever project you are envisioning.

The R.J. Fisher Transport Team

Ron Fisher


Shelby Fisher


Ryan Fisher

Driver / Set up

Allan Clear


Gerry Phillips


Troy Lewis


Jay Rosenberger


Braydon Sophonow

Pilot / Set up

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